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USS Renville APA 227

westpac 59-60

"Atomic Veterans"
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons
westpac 59-60
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Captain Fletcher Hale was relived of command on 25 November 1959 at the port of Naha, Okinawa by Captain William M. Lowry.
Captain Fletcher Hale assumed command of COMPHIBRON 3 on November 14, 1960
Assumed command of NTC San Diego in September, 1964 and retired on July 1, 1967.

Lowry, William Captain
Vaughen, William CDR XO
Communications Department
Walker, D.M. LTJG Comm. Officer
Von Rohe, K.R. ENS Raido Officer
Allread, D.J.
Benton, W.D.
Byrd, J.R.
Collins, B.R.
Faircloth, D.J. CPO
Gregg, C.R.
Hensley, J.R.
Hoyne, R.W.
Kalouakalani, M.R.K.-Kalauokalani, Maynard R.K. is dead
His brother, Moses E Kalauokalani, lives in Kaneohe, HI 96744-4691
McConnehy, C.R.
Meyle, S.L.
Reich, A.
Sheen, V.C.
Wilson, D.P.
Wright, P.I.Jr.
Not in picture - King, D RM-3
I came on board in 58 and moved to OC division as an RM3 in 59.
I was also one of the softball pitchers for the team when we won the game in Hong Kong.
I was stationed in Hawaii from 63 to 66 as an RM2 and RM1 in the Coast Guard.
In July of 2000 I retired from the Coast Guard Reserves as a LCDR. I was enlisted for 22 years and was a Master Chief Radioman until 84 when I accepted a direct commission and became an officer. As an officer I was a Training Development Specialist and Tech writer. In 99 I was assigned to Coast Guard Station Elizabeth City North Carolina and I collected the data needed to develop their Y2K operations plan. The plan worked and that was my last major assignment.
Deck Department
Halsey, C.H. Jr. LT 1st Lieutenant
Gaillard, T.D. CWO Ship's Bosun
1st Division
Gottfried, H.L. LT Division Officer
Aguilar, B.
Byrd, F.D.
Cardwell, W.P.
Cramer, J.C.
Ellfritz, R.D.
Hightower, D.H.
Leyendecker, C.E.
Lundberg, R.W. Jr
Meisner, F.D.
Morris, J.R.
Petway, R.A.
Roberts, D.
Skiens, R.L.
Smith, J.E.
Taylor, L.R.
Van Rossum, R.D.
Womble, B.L.
2nd Division
Tanner, D.K. ENS Division Officer
Allawatt, A
Brewer, T.T.
Clements, J.C. Jr
Ford, J.B.
Frazier, R.W.
Gwaltney, D.E.
Hadden, J.L
Henry, H.S.
King, P.S.
Liston, R.L.
Luck, C.P.
Maas, D.R.
Manchester, O.M.
Nalwalker, P.
Palmer, L.D.
Smith, G.S.
Stacy, J.D.
Stumbaugh, L.J. Jr
Whiting, R.E
3rd Division
Graham, T.S. ENS Division Officer
Bussey, L.E.
Carr, J.T.
Cates, F.J.
Gentry, D.M.
Hall, J.T.
Hollis, J.M. Jr
Ivie, M.J.
Lane, J.R.
Ludi, P.M.Jr
Patterson, M.
Ratliff, S.R.
Reeves, G.T.
Rideout, J.H.
Scribner, J.R.
Vermilen, V.E BM1
Williams, R.W.
4th Division
Colldeweih, J.H. LTJG Gunnery Officer
Catalano, C.R. ENS Division Officer
Anderson, W.R.
Barker, C.L.
Batten, A.L.
Faulk, R.
Goetsch, W.L.
Hendrickson, B.J.
Kilgore, R.A.
White, J.S. CPOGM
Engineering Department
Foote, T.P. LT Engineering Officer
A Division
Hunkins, R.E. ENS Division Officer
Blas, J.G.
Castillo, S.
Dowdell, F.
Ethington, E.R. CPO
Gochenaur, G.E.
Heintz, R.A.
Jones, W.E.
Kerns, H.W.
Kirchner, W.G.
Kramer, J.O.
Lamsle, P.P.
Parrott, R.T.
Ranson, D.H.
Roy, R.L.
Sikma, D.L.
Slupe, R.T.
Sope, V.L.
Stover, F.W.
Tompkins, J.C.
B Division
Flintoft, G.J. LTJG Main Propulsion Ass't
Buxbaum, A.L.
Colby, G.W.
Conway, T.N.
Fair, J.P.
Howser, T.V.
Johnson, A.M.
Kpjmspm, C.L.
Lora, D.R.
Mason, C.E.
Mason, G.R. CPO
Schwarzer, J.L.
Sharpe, J.L.
Westphall, J.L.
Wilson, J.T.
E Division
Anderson, L.J.
Anstce, J.L.
Bailey, R.N.
Howard, B.G.
Kernodle, J.R.
From: To:
Subject: 59-60 West-pac Cruise Date: Mon 02/27/06 04:01 PM
My name is Jim Kernodle,I was a Third Class IC Electrician in E Div.
during that cruise. (see page 22)
I wish to thank you very much for putting this book and it\'s picture on
the Internet for all to see.
Were you a member of the crew? Do you have any information concerning
any of the crew members?
Again, thanks for putting this out so we could see and remember our shipmates.
Your Truly
James R. Kernodle

Salarano, L.J.
Savage, R.D.
Wells, J.L.
M Division
Rowland, G.H. Jr CWO Auxiliaries Officer
Boyd, W. a.
Bright, F.M.
Brown, R.E.
Cota, G.M.
Hanson, G.R. CPO
Knight, W.E.
Larsen, J.C. Jr
McFarkabd, P.A. Jr
Riley, G.R.
Russell, D.P.
Stone, P.W.
Ward, C.
Wegener, L.C.
Ziecker, R.J.
89 S Vaughn St
Springville NY 14141-9664

89 S Vaughn St
Springville NY 14141-9664
R Division
Aspenwall, A.M. WO Division Officer
Castro, J.P.
Causby, P.W.
Clark, R.L.
Ducharma, A.J.
Hinderman, H.J.
Martinez, O.
Maxwell, R.E.
Roberts, K.E.
Scarbrough, B.E.
Schiller, C.H.
White, A.F.
Medical Department
Langsjoen, R.J. LT Medical Officer
H Division
Barnard, C.S.
Becker, L.G.
Croker, G.P.
Jackson, K.E.
Kaufman, K.F.
Nelson, B.R.
Perley, R.J.
MAA Force
Cabana, E.A.J.
Dargan, T.F. CPOGM
Douglas, R.H.
Williams, R.W.
Mess Cooks
Bosteder, E.A.
Byrd, F.D.
Hall, A.R.
Hall, G.S.
Kaufman, A.L.
Lake, K.D.
Mathews, F.L.
Nalwalker, R.J.
Nielsen, F.O.
Phelps, G.S.
Taylor, L.R.
Vannote, J.R. PO1
Williams, R.H.
Armstrong, R.F. Captain
Former Combat Cargo Officer
Gould, B.C. 1st LT Combat Cargo Officer
Navigation Department
Strong, B.W. LTJG Navigator
N Division
Bass, L. QMSN
Best, Willie P.
Matteson, D.G. QM2
Nielsen, C.M. QMSN
Stansell, W.A. QM3
Operations Department
Rethlake, M.G. LCDR Operations Officer
Goodman, J.T. ENS CIC Officer
Linquist, D.C. ENS Ass't CIC Officer
Fergertstrom, G.C. CWO Material Officer
OI Division
Davis, D.D. Jr.
Hudson, R.H.
Krenik, L.M.
Lowell, R.O.
Mann, R.D.
McIntosh, R.E. Jr.
Mousseau, J.W.
Spence, R.A.
Yelverton, A.H.
Side Cleaners
Berry, K.L.
Cox, R.H.
Gresham, G.L.
Jelek, J.J.
Robertson, D.
Wilson, O.E. Jr
Supply Department
Haines, D.R. LCDR Supply Officer
S-1 Division
Forgrave, R.S. CWO Division Officer
Arline, T.E. PO1
Bowman, R.L.
Boyett, H.E.
Braman, S.F. PO1
Burton, H.D.
Claypool, H.H. PO1
Closser, J.E.
Coker, J.A.
Fields, J.
Gutierrez, E.M.
Jefferson, A.J.
Lake, G.G.
Parker, R.W.
Romero, O.F.
Rostrata, S.
Watson, R.D.
Wellons, L.V.
Wilson, B.L.
Yardley, A.M.
S-5 Division
Balaoing, P.
Castro, C.E.
Crez, E.
Gonzales, G.S.
Johnson, F. CPO
Martin, G.S. PO1
Panadero, L.S.
Pancho, D.
Reyes, C.B.
Toves, J.A.
X Division
Anderson, H.D.
Blanscet, J.D.
Godfrey, E.N.
Hessenaure, W.E.
Knox, R.D.
Midstokke, R.A.
Stover, G.R.
Tracy, N.
Wygant, C.K.
In Port Schedule
20 - 22 October Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
03 - 21 November Yokosuka, Japan
24 - 26 November Buckner Bay, Okinawa
26 - 27 November Naha, Okinawa
30 Nov - 05 Dec Shimizu, Japan
06 - 09 December Yokosuka, Japan
11 - 12 December Buckner Bay, Okinawa
15 - 22 December Hong Kong, B.C.C.
24 Dec 59 - 03 Jan 60 Subic Bay, P.I.
05 - 06 January Keelung, Formosa
07 - 09 January Kaohsiung, Formosa
11 Jan - 18 Feb Hong Kong, B.C.C
21 February Manila Bay P.I.
22 Feb - 03 Mar Subic Bay, P.I.
10 - 15 March Buckner Bay, Okinawa
20 - 29 March Operation "Blue Star"
30 March Naha, Okinawa
01 - 12 April Sasebo, Japan
With the Far East Campaign in the
Cold V.D. War's over, it was
Bippity Bobbity Boo,
back to San Diego with you.

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